What to Expect and How to Prepare

When you become one of my clients, I view our relationship as a partnership. Together, we participate in the healing process to help reset your body’s equilibrium. The Esalen® massage is a professional massage. It requires a draped, nude body in a respectful atmosphere.

During your massage session, I’ll create a unique experience in my handsome, private studio where on-street parking is usually available. On days when the cold or fog seems to seep into the bone, I’ll have a fire going upon your arrival to help bring you into a comfortable, cocooned state on the heated table. Although I use warmed, organic lotions during your session, I provide heated, moist, Turkish hand towels at the session’s end for your thorough removal of excess lotion. Adding to the sensory experience, I integrate aroma and sound therapy to help complete the nurturing environment. All I ask is that you give yourself permission to receive the work, have an open mind, a willing heart, and enjoy the journey.

To learn more about Esalen visit their website at www.esalen.org/