Personal Journey of Discovery and Offering

We each have a unique path in life. As we travel life’s journey, there are times when our body becomes filled with muscle tension brought about by daily stress or physical activities. The accumulation of stress can create imbalance . . . we begin to notice that we are not as present, centered, or relaxed as we experience on a carefree, pleasurable vacation.

For many years as a massage therapist, I used Riggs’ deep tissue, Upledger’s cranial sacral therapy, Barnes’ myofascial release, and various Swedish styles to help relieve my client’s stress. Although these techniques were successful, I wanted to offer a more holistic approach.

In 2010, a turning point occurred when I visited Esalen on California’s northern coast near Big Sur . . . I experienced my first Esalen® massage. Almost immediately, I noticed that the long, hypnotic, nurturing strokes provided by the full body massage helped begin to reset my being, drain excess adrenaline, and promote awareness of the “bodymind connection”. In fact, I felt like I never wanted the massage session to end. After this turning point, I knew that the Esalen massage was the philosophical and holistic approach I wanted to offer my clients.

In 2012, I took time off from my bodywork practice for a month long residency at Esalen to learn the secrets of the Esalen massage. When I returned to San Francisco with wisdom in hand, my clients noticed that a positive shift had occurred in my bodywork. Now, I hope that you will take a leap and let me help you sense this wonderful experience . . . one that helps integrate body, mind and spirit using the signature long, fluid strokes coupled with gentle rocking of the body, passive joint mobilization and deep, detailed structural work on muscles and joints. You’ll leave the table feeling gloriously rejuvenated . . . something we can all embrace.