The Journey and Resulting Approach to Bodywork

My passion for providing bodywork began in 2000 when I became a certified, Ashtanga yoga teacher in San Francisco. While routinely performing hands-on adjustments on my students’ yoga poses, I noticed a subtle shift in their bodies. This curious event led me to begin my study, certification, and practice of different massage modalities. During these years, I juggled my bodywork practice, yoga teaching and corporate job. Continued passion for my bodywork practice encouraged me to partake in early retirement from my career appointment at the University of California, Berkeley.

The professional Esalen® massage is a relaxation massage based on the rhythmic movements of the ocean. This tempo prepares your body for deeper work. Before you begin your journey on my table, you will be offered the inclusion of the following modalities into your Esalen® massage.

Cranialsacral Therapy: A gentle yet very specific massage technique focusing on the cranial-sacral rhythm. This subtle method uses a light touch – generally no more than a weight of a nickel – to monitor the rhythm of the cranial sacral system for the detecting and releasing of potential restrictions and imbalances in the soft tissues surrounding your central nervous system.

Myofascial Release: A massage technique to evaluate and treat restrictions in your body’s contractile connective tissues (muscles) and non-contractive supportive connective tissues (fascia) by my application of gentle, hands-on traction, compression and rocking motions.

Deep Tissue: A slow, directed, precise pressure massage technique using my fingers, palms, elbows, and forearms to focus on releasing the restricted areas in your body’s connective tissue and muscles.

Trigger Point: A pain-relief technique used to alleviate muscle spasms and cramping though my location and deactivation of your “trigger points”. These areas are often tender spots where muscles have been damaged or acquire a recurring spasm or ‘kink’ that worsens painfully when aggravated.